GCHB Ya Black Beard Iz Chigasovo is our first Black Russian Terrier.  He is fun loving and has quite the personality!  He LOVES to show, but he's also great at obedience and scent work.  FUN should have been his middle name!  He's an import from Russian from the Chigasovo kennels.

About Our Dogs

CH BarentsNight Fleur-di-Lis is a loving and smart girl!  She wants to cuddle like a small lap dog, which she is not!  She loves everyone and is happy to do anything we ask.  Did I say smart?? Watch this girl, she can do anything she puts her mind to, including being a great MOM!

GCH Over the Moon About Nagyka is our first Black Russian Terrier with a tail!  She's American bred, but has a tail in tribute to her imported mother.  She' retired from showing and breeding.  Nagyka is an active part of our family and a terrific "nanny" to all.  Nagyka is our hall monitor if the play is too rough.

We have a life-long love of animals and have owned many different species over the years.  We both love dogs and fell in love with the Black Russian Terrier, about 10 years ago.  With help from friends, we were able to import our first “Blackie” from Russia, Chigasovo Kennels.   

We live an active Southern California lifestyle, and our dogs are included in the many activities we enjoy.  Our dogs are at home at the beach and in the snow; they all enjoy hiking and swimming.  They are smart, friendly, and guard appropriately. Our dogs do not live in kennels, but rather in our home as family dogs.

Contact us at crobinson352@gmail.com!

Odessa is a great young girl, imported fro Ter'Avalon in Ukraine.  She finished her champion title very young and is a mom to 6 beautiful puppies.  Good structure and temperament, she's fun-loving and smart! She plays hard but is gentle with little ones. Everyone loves "Princess Odessa."

Black Beard Black Russian Terriers

CH Black Beard's Michael Anthony is our Bred-by superstar with OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, and all passing health test!  He is available for stud to approved bitches.