Traditional Russian Oberegs for sale. These protection amulets are said to protect our beloved dogs from evil.

Meet our Black Russian Terriers! Veteran Thatch, Mommy Fleur, Nanny Nagyka, and puppies.

Black Beard Black Russian Terriers

Photo by David Veit 2016

Black Beard Kids

For the Love of Dogs!

No. 5 Black Russian in the US 2016! Best Veteran in Working Dog Specialty 2016!

Planned Litter for 2019 

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Planned Litter in 2019!

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Our dogs are our family members.  They live in our home with us and are a part of our daily lives.  It is important to us to produce puppies that meet the breed standard in conformation, temperament and drive, and care for the dame is the utmost priority.  We carefully consider bloodlines, individual traits, health tests, and the health tests of past generations before deciding to breed. Breed mentors from several countries help in our planning and selection.  

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WAG Best Black Russian Terrier Breeder of the year 2017 & 2018!

Black Russian Terriers